Pulse Patisserie


The Interlace,

180 Depot Road, #01-06,

Singapore 109684

8339 4648


Pulse Patisserie is a contemporary pastry shop that uses French techniques to recreate the classics and introduce new ones. With a strong philosophy of using only premium ingredients, Pulse practices classic and modern methods tointensify and complement the natural flavor of ingredients. Pulse finds beauty in the most unusual places and things and turning them into sweet creations whilst respecting their essence.



French Sweet Week (25 to 30 April):

Get 10% off on all Whole Cakes on www.eatpulse.co with the promo code “VOILAH10” (online orders, one time use only)

Come and try our own interpretation of Paris-Brest ($48) (available in stores with 3 days notice and also on www.eatpulse.co)

Scratch and Win!

One Gateau St. Honoré (delivery fees included)


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